My name's John Day and I'm the author of TechnoFYE.com. Being a mechanical design engineer by day is fun, but my hobbies tend to fall inline with my love of all things tech. TechnoFYE is my place to share favorite tips, tricks, ideas, and thoughts on technology.

I am my family's tech guy, friend's computer guru, and general knowledge man when talking smart-phones. Learning about tech is at the top of my favorite free time activities list. I also enjoy testing new sites, apps, open source software, gadgets, and of course, sharing my new discoveries with anyone who is interested. Through TechnoFYE.com, I'm hoping to connect with others to create a community of people who enjoy these things as well.

If you have the urge, you can contact me by email at John.Day@TechnoFYE.com or on twitter @TechnoFYE or stop by the Facebook page with any questions, comments, ideas, or anything else you'd like to share.

Thanks for visiting and enjoy the site.